Twenty people, including eighteen children, died when a truck traveling in the oncoming lane rammed their scholar’s vehicle head-on.

PONGOLA – A Pongola resident who complained about the behavior of truck drivers on the N2 highway in northern KwaZulu-Natal said the presence of law enforcement officers could help stop accidents.

Twenty people, including 18 children, were killed when a truck traveling in the oncoming lane collided head-on with their school bus.

Community members said accidents involving trucks are a regular occurrence in the area.

But they said the last one was the most terrifying so far.

Juba Hanses – a concerned resident who has been trying to draw the government’s attention to the issue – said law enforcement officials would help track down drivers who don’t follow traffic rules.

“All we ask is to send us the RTMC [Road Traffic Management Corporation]to send us an RTI [Road Traffic Inspectorate] – Let there be policemen on the highway so that the trucks can [right]thing”.

Since 2019, Ganses has expressed concern about the number of trucks using the N2 highway that crosses the Pongal area.

At one point, more than 1,000 trucks used the road, but that number has grown to about 5,000 a day.

Ganzes said the biggest concern was that some truck drivers were not following the rules of the road, leading to accidents.

He added that the latest accident highlighted the need for a law enforcement presence in the area.

“RTI is in Nongoma about 60 kilometers from here. It takes them an hour or two to get here and they don’t look after these trucks which are creating all kinds of chaos for us Pongola people.”

The provincial government said it would investigate the matter.

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