While South African women are still reeling from the news that the government will not allow polyandry, polygamy is a practice that is very common across the continent. For years, African men have taken multiple wives, but one man is taking polygamy to a whole new level. David Sakoyo Kaluhana from Western Kenya has 15 wives and 107 children. According to Afrimax English, the 61-year-old man lives in a small village with all his wives.

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Speaking to Afrimax English, David Caloohan claims to have a high IQ and says his head cannot be “ruled” by one wife. The Kenyan man also stressed that because he is a “genius”, he has a “bigger load” that cannot be carried by a single woman.

“That’s why I married many wives. Because I’m too smart for one woman,” said the 61-year-old man.

All 15 wives share different responsibilities in the small village, which makes their family life easier.


Jessica Caloohan married David in 1998 and had 13 children with him, two of whom died. Jessica said they all live happily together and she loves David.

“I never envied him attracting new women. He is a responsible person and everything he does is always right because he takes enough time to think before he acts,” said Jessica.

Rose, David’s seventh wife, bore him 15 children and says they all live together in the village in harmony.

“We live well, we love each other,” said Rose.


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Reality TV star Musa Mseleku and former president Jacob Zuma are two of the many South African men who have multiple wives. Mseleku, who had four wives, failed to take a fifth after his other wives spoke out against the idea.

“I’m supposed to talk to the first wife and tell her I intend to take a fifth wife and she’ll have intercourse with the other wives, but it doesn’t work that way these days because all wives should be treated the same,” — said Mseleku in an interview with The Citizen.

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