When it comes to family meals, everyone has their favorite. When it comes to countries and regions that are modern and famous for their family dishes, it is the countries along the Mediterranean Sea. Italy has pasta and pizza, Portugal has a variety of seafood dishes, and Spain has paella. Non-Spanish people know it as the national dish, but it’s only known for being great to eat with the family and often seen at food festivals. Our chicken and seafood paella is perfect for the home cook.

Chicken and Seafood Paella Tips

When cooking mussels and prawns, remember that they cook quite quickly and you can cook them in garlic and lemon oil. Don’t overcook the rice before adding it to the large pan, as it will take longer to cook in the water and broth. Add seafood to the paella only at the end to prevent it from overcooking. The pimento pepper is perfectly mild and adds incredible flavor and spice without being too hot.

Make sure you have a large cooking surface for your paella, as this will be a one-pot feast.

If you’ve been to food festivals or love Mediterranean cuisine, you love to feast with your family. Make your own chicken and seafood paella this weekend.

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