Winter is soup time, and there are countless options. There are some very easy soup recipes out there, and French Onion Soup is one of them. This is a very old recipe and it got a new lease of life in the late 1900s when people realized how amazing French cooking could be. The soup is very easy to make and can be used as a starter or as a main meal with friends and family. It’s caramelized onion soup with cheese, so what’s not to love?

Tips for French Onion Soup

The recipe for this onion soup is very simple, and your only real choice is to choose the cheese. Provolone is soft but full of cheese. Gruyere is a bit nutty and earthy on the palate. Fontina is a soft white cheese that melts well. If you want to use mozzarella, don’t use fresh, moist cheese because it becomes watery instead of stretchy and delicious. If you have spirit bowls, place them under the grill with the cheese for a few minutes.

A traditional and slightly unconventional dish, French onion soup is a real treat for the whole family. Enjoy it as a starter or a winter lunch.

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