Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula

  • Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula said a final statement on the e-fee financing model was inevitable.
  • He worked with Finance Minister Enoch Godongwan to help the Cabinet make the final decision
  • During a vote on the budget in parliament, he confirmed that since January, his office had issued 1,026,674 driver’s licenses, leaving 526,841 as of May 16.

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula said a final statement on the e-fee financing model was inevitable.

Mbalula voted for the budget of the Ministry of Transport in parliament on Wednesday afternoon. This comes amid uncertainty over the electronic fare system at South Africa’s National Road Agency (Sanral) to pay for a project to improve the Gauteng motorway, which has met with public opposition.

Mbalula said he was working with Finance Minister Enoch Hadongwan to help the Cabinet make a final decision on funding the Gauteng Highway Improvement Project.

He said a decision on the issue was “inevitable”, although it took a long time.

“We feel the adverse impact of delays in the final decision on electronic tolls [Sanral] balance and its ability to raise capital for its Catholic projects, ”Mbalula said.

In his vote on the budget, Mbalula spoke in detail about the billions of financial support to fund programs and stabilize Sanral and the South African Passenger Rail Agency (Prasa).

Iron has been shaken by problems, including theft, vandalism and destruction of railway infrastructure, and instability at the leadership level. Former CEO Zolani Matthews has successfully challenged his dismissal, which was declared invalid by a court.

Mbalula said Sunral will continue to receive support from the Ministry of Transport in the medium term to help him expand his national road development program.

“76.4 billion rupees go to the National Road Agency of South Africa. Sanral’s transfers account for 33.5% of the department’s budget in the medium term and 65.5% of the budget of the road transport program,” Mbalula said.

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Mbalula said Prase will also receive significant financial support in the medium term for capital, operational and renovations.

“Due to the recognition of the central role of providing accessible, safe and reliable public transport services, capital transfers to Prasa will increase from 12.6 billion rupees in 2022/23 to 13.5 billion rupees in 2024/25,” he said.

Mbalula said that the capital transfers will go to car repairs, Prasa rolling stock upgrade program, signaling and other capital projects that include railway infrastructure safety.

“Operational remittances to Prasa are expected to increase from Rs 7.2 billion in 2022/23 to Rs 7.8 billion in 2024/25,” Mbalula said.

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He said 45.3 billion rupees, or 59.3% of Sanral’s appropriations, are budgeted for the modernization, strengthening and reconstruction of the national road network without toll roads, while 2.8 billion rupees are allocated for Moloto Road.

“A budget of 3.7 billion rupees has been allocated for the N2 Wild Coast project and 2.1 billion rupees to finance reduced tariffs for the Gauteng motorway improvement project,” the minister said.

Mbalula said the department had issued 1,026,674 driver’s licenses since January, lagging behind 526,841 cards as of May 16th.

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