Do you enjoy throwing fancy dinner parties for friends, family, and sometimes strangers> When it comes to modern cooking, pears are often used in desserts, and our recipe is no different. This burgundy pear recipe is sweet and looks incredible on the plate as well as on your social media pages. These poached pears are delicate and perfect for the creative cook throwing a fancy party.

Dessert of burgundy pears

If you don’t have burgundy, a sweet red wine will do just fine. You can also turn the poaching liquid into a thicker sauce to drizzle over when serving. If you use food coloring, use it very little by little until you get the color you want. This is a vibrant cuisine with many variations. The combination of kirsch and cherries adds a lot of sweetness with the spice of the pears. Serve with cream or ice cream and a fresh cherry, drizzled with sauce.

If you enjoy preparing sophisticated cocktail dishes, our burgundy pear dessert is a great way to end your evening’s feast.

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