Fans of cosplay, gaming, live-action RPGs and fantasy worlds, young and old alike, have a great opportunity to shine at Comic Con Africa 2022.

More than 60,000 people are expected to immerse themselves in comics, anime, sci-fi and Kids-Con at the Johannesburg Exhibition Center this weekend.

Festival-goers should see international stars such as Ross Butler and Jamie Campbell Bauer from the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Comic Con Africa 2022, an interactive four-day event that attracts thousands of people, including children, who are inspired to embrace the superhero or villain within.

Comedian Zaid Mottala described the importance of pop culture and gaming among fantasy fans, saying that the number of people joining the fantasy/sci-fi community is on the rise.

“What you find in all fandoms, including this one, is that they are very important to a lot of people. So that I can be a part of bringing this to life and letting them express themselves at Comic Con Africa – we have quizzes planned every day. So very happy about that.”

For Hellfire Club fans, English actor Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Vecna ​​in the latest season of Stranger Things, is among the international celebrities expected to attend the event during their visit to South Africa.

While some cosplayers chose to purchase their costumes, others took the time to design and make them themselves. Like Nico van Nierkerk, who spent around 900 hours creating his.

“I like to challenge myself, so it’s fantasy, sci-fi, and just coming up with something to create a very shocked look for people who see me. I stopped counting at 400 hours. So I was about halfway done in 400 hours. So it was 900 hours of work.”

Contrary to popular belief, Comic Con is not just a convention for nerds. It brings together a wide range of entertainment genres from around the world and is sure to please everyone.

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