Complex Games, developers of the new game Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters, issued a statement to frustrated gamers after the launch of a campaign in which certain in-game items were only available to those who enjoyed some of Twitch’s streams. From the report: While Complex probably thought they were running a fairly standard (at least by 2022 standards) promotional campaign for windows, the nature of the items as well as the fan base and platform in question didn’t have it. Here’s an example of the negative review left on the Steam game page as a result, one of many that supposedly sparked the statement: “The game would have gotten a thumbs up if not for one thing. The developers for some ridiculous reason decided to put 11 game items (not skins or cosmetics, but real weapons and armor) behind the falls of Twitch on the day of release. To get these items, you need to not only create and link a Frontier and Twitch account, but you need to watch hours and hours of silly streamers chatting instead of playing the game you paid for. They are also timed, so if you miss them, you miss them forever. If there was another way to earn these games, it wouldn’t be a big deal … “

In fact the Angry Joe flow lasted only 45 minutes, but their point remains. The items were not anything fancy or destructive. Most of them were only very small variations of weapons and armor at the beginning of the game, which you will still pass in a few hours. But the spirit of the move – and its credentials for the player’s time when they want to try everything the game has to offer – has upset people as much as its practical implications. As a result, Complex said that each item offered during the broadcasts will now be distributed free of charge to all players later this month.

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