The Free State government says 164 homes have been damaged after the Jagersfontein mine dam burst, flooding the town of Faresmith on Sunday morning.

The waters of the mine dam washed away nearby houses and roads, leaving three people dead and another missing.

Temporary structures

Free State government spokesman Palesa Chubisi says they have identified four sites for the construction of temporary structures and added that samples of the sludge have been taken for analysis to determine their danger to human life.

The government reports that 243 people have been examined by medical practitioners following the Jagersfontein mine disaster.

Undetectable disease

Doctors say a 20-year-old man developed symptoms of an undiagnosed illness after ingesting pollutants with sediment. Since then he is under surveillance.

Chubisi says a temporary food and clothing bank has been set up.

The Red Cross also donated 80 mattresses, including “Gift of Donors” delivered food, bottled water, blankets, mattresses and hygiene items.


20 million rubles have been allocated to help the affected residents

Jagersfontein developments in the Free State says it is devastated by a mine dam that collapsed on its property, leaving a trail of destruction in the area. The company says it has allocated 20 million rand to help affected residents.

Jagersfontein Developments spokesperson Leigh-Anne Carey says the treatment plant has stabilized activity at the dam and that the effluent is not dangerous.

Carey added that they are cooperating with local authorities as they conduct a full investigation.

President Ramaphosa visits Foresmith after mine dam collapse

President Cyril Ramaphosa has assured displaced residents of Jagersfontein that the government will rebuild their homes. Ramaphosa addressed the residents of Fairsmith, which is close to Jagersfontein.

Ramaphosa says the cause of the incident will be investigated. One person has been confirmed dead. The president said that he also visited the injured residents who are still in hospitals.

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